Virtual Reality & Arcade

While bowling is our core, we have many forms of entertainment including traditional arcade games, pool tables, and shuffleboard.  Our newest addition is TWO VIRTUAL REALITY BOOTHS.  Immerse yourself in a rain forest with dinosaurs, fight off killer zombies, go to the future and battle robots, or enter into retro style arcade games.  We have games for all ages and types of players.


  • 10 Minutes = $10
  • 30 Minutes = $25 (Can be split 15 minutes for each of two players)
  • 1 hour = $45 (Can be split 30 minutes for each of two players)
  • Haunted House = $10 and runs 10-12 minutes.

Virtual Reality Party:

  • 1 Hour of Virtual Reality time in 1 booth
  • 45 minutes in a private party room afterwards
  • 40 Arcade tokens
  • Invitations, Plate, Cups, Napkins, & Utensils
  • Gift bags for the Party Participants

Party Add-ons:

  • Large SIngle topping Pizza and pitcher of soda $10
  • Additional VR 60 minutes (1 hour in both booths) $35
  • 40 Arcade Tokens $8



Ages 5+

  • Lightblade VR – Train just like the Jedi’s do with one or two light sabers.
  • Mighty Monster Mayhem – A “Monster’s Inc.” style game climbing through the city and disturbing the population.
  • World of Diving – Underwater diving adventures and treasure hunting.

Ages 10+

  • Richie’s Plank – A shorter introduction to VR allows you to fly, sky write, or walk the plank… if you dare.
  • Cloudlands: VR Mini Golf – Mini golf on the islands and in the sky!
  • Hoops VR – The Ultimate basketball free-throw challenge.
  • The Lab – A compilation of pocket sized universes. Visit exotic places, defend a castle, repair robots and more.
  • Mega Overload – Retro arcade action brought to VR.  Defend the milky way, collect power ups, team up with a partner!
  • Smashbox Arena – Shoot, duck and cover!  Dodge ball in VR. Easy to play, difficult to master.
  • Thirst VR – An infinite shooting game in a post-apocalyptic world with enemies hell-bent on destroying you – and the water.

Ages 14+

  • AZ Sunshine – Scavenge the environment, shoot and loot your enemies and manage your ammo and consumables.
  • The Brookhaven Experience – An intense shooter style game fighting hoardes of monsters & zombie
  • Island 359 – Step of a chopper into the heat of the jungle and match wits with the dinosaurs.
  • Raw Data – Neo-Shinjuku – 2271 is the setting for this futuristic thriller. Play with friends!
  • Sairento VR – Play as a cyber ninja warrior with an arsenal of deadly weapons.

Ages 18+

  •  Accounting – Rick & Morty Style accounting.  Warning – strong language.
  •  QuiVr – The defining archery experience.  Defend you keep or take target practice to improve your skills.

*The Game list is constantly changing.  We will try to keep it up to date as the games change.