Looking for a new bowling bag? Need help choosing a more reactive ball? The Tangerine Bowl’s Pro Shop can help you in all of your bowling needs!

We have a limited stock of balls, bags, and bowling shoes on hand but we also have full catalogs and can general get a special ordered item within a week.

Demo Days: Several times a year our pro shop will host ‘Demo Days’ where you can see and test the latest balls and accessories brought in by the manufacturers. Cost is generally $10 which you can then apply to your purchase that day.  On these days you can test a custom fit in many different balls, throw them on the lanes to really get a feel for them, and get expert advice to help improve your game.  For more on Demo Days, watch Facebook for updates or contact our front desk for the next date.  Currently we have Brunswick, Radical and DV8 Scheduled November 8th.

Below are pictures from both our Storm and Ebonite Demo Days.

Weston        Demo Balls

Balls and bags       IT

Access       jake

Call today to get assistance with the following:

  • Drilling: $20-$50 depending on the ball type
  • Plugging Thumbs: $15.00
  • Plugging Fingers: $20.00
  • Inserts-Thumbs: $10.00
  • Inserts-Fingers: $8.00
  • Enlarging: $2.00
  • Engraving: $2.00

Our pros can also Detox a ball (to remove the oil) or resurface a ball that has become dinged up over the years.

Hours are by appointment only.