Summer Bowling Leagues

Summer is a great time to bowl in a league.  Why?

  1.  NO PRESSURE!  Thank goodness!  Summer leagues are more low key and have many novices so it’s a good time to practice your skills.  Sure, leagues are competitive, but especially in the Summer we’re all here to have a good time and encourage people.  I’m not a great bowler, but the bowlers who have countless 700 series and 300 games aren’t there to put us down.  Instead, they clap and “high-five” us when we manage to get a strike.
  2. EQUIPMENT.  You don’t have to buy any!  No cleats, gloves, bats or special clothing required!  We have rental shoes ($1.50) and lots of house balls to choose from.  Some teams buy team shirts, other’s don’t.  So come as you are and we will get you set up.  And if you do decide to buy equipment, we are happy to help with that too.
  3. WEATHER. It doesn’t matter!  Bowling doesn’t get rained out and you won’t get sunburned on the lanes – we promise.  It’s a sport that’s there you for no matter what mother nature throws out way.
  4. EVERYONE CAN BOWL!  Yep, last fall a gentleman in his 90’s even bowled a perfect 300 game here!  We have leagues for all ages and even a 9-pin league for people who like a little extra help with their scores.

So now that you are hooked on the idea, here are our options for the summer of 2017:

  • Monday Night 7:00pm Dog Lovers’ K-9 League:
    • 9 Weeks long, $9 per week, 3 games per week
    • 9 pin No Tap (9 pins on your first ball counts as a strike)
    • Winners receive 9 pounds of dog treats from Pet Supplies “Plus”
    • Also $10 Pet Supplies “Plus” gift card prizes each week
    • $1.50 /bowler each week donated to the Quincy Humane Society
    • Registration on May 1st at 7pm at the Tangerine Bowl
    • Bowling starts May 8th at 7pm
    • No league bowling on Memorial Day
  • Tuesday Night 7:00pm Adult/Youth League:
    • One adult and one youth who is still under age 20 before Aug. 1st
    • Meeting night Tuesday May 2nd
    • Regular bowling May 9th through August 1st, Sweepstakes night Aug 8th
    • No bowling on the 4th of July
  • Wednesday Night 7:00pm 3 Person Mixed League:
    • 3 adults (All male, all female, or any combination)
    • 12 Weeks of bowling May 10th through July 26th, Sweepstakes night Aug 2nd
    • Meeting night Wednesday May 3rd
  • Thursday Night 7:00pm 3 Person Mixed League:
    • 3 adults (All male, all female, or any combination)
    • Meeting night Thursday May 4th
    • 12 Weeks of bowling May 11th through July 27th, Sweepstakes night Aug 3rd

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